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Sharing a Workflow

You're able to share allow so other Automa users can use it. You can share the workflow in the marketplace or set the workflow as a host.

Share To the Marketplace

When you share the workflow into the marketplace, Automa will display the workflow in the Automa Marketplace, and all the users can install the workflow. You can share the workflow by clicking the "Share workflow" button and then clicking the publish button. After it is published, Automa will create the local and shared version of the workflow.

Shared workflow

Updating the Shared Workflow

If you want to update the shared workflow, you need to update the local version first and then save it. Now open the shared version of the workflow by clicking the "Shared" button under the "My workflow" menu on the workflows page, or click the "Share workflow" button in the editor.

Shared workflow menu

After opening it, click the "Fetch local workflow" button and click the "Update" button to update the shared workflow.

Fetch local workflow

Host Workflow

Another way to share the workflow is by setting the workflow as a host. Instead of displaying the workflow in the Automa Marketplace, it will return the host id where other Automa users can add the workflow using that id.

host workflow

And to add the hosted workflow:

  1. Open the Automa dashboard
  2. Click the arrow down button
  3. Click the "Add hosted workflow" menu
  4. Input the host id of the workflow

After being added, this workflow can only be run and can't edit or modify the content of the workflow by the user.

add hosted workflow

And every time you edit the hosted workflow, the update will be applied to every user who adds it.