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Workflow Settings

It's possible to set custom settings on each workflow from the workflow > settings menu.

workflow settings

The workflow settings have three sections.

1. General

It contains the following settings:

  • On workflow error: Select what to do when an error occurs on the workflow.
  • Workflow execution: Whether to run the workflow in the popup dashboard or in the background.
  • Workflow notification: Toggle whether to show a notification when the workflow execution end.
  • Debug mode: Execute the workflow using the Chrome DevTools Protocol
  • Autocomplete: Enable autocomplete in the input of a block
  • Reuse the last workflow state: Use the state data (table, variables, and global data) from the last execution.
  • Save workflow log: Save the logs of the workflow.
  • Show executed block on the web page: Show the block that workflow currently executes on the webpage. This setting only shows blocks in the "Web interaction" category, like the Click Element and the Forms block.
  • Workflow public Id: The public id of the workflow, you can use this public id when executing workflow using Javascript CustomEvent.

Workflow Execution

Some features that will not available and advantages when selecting "popup" or "background" when running the workflow:

Max running timeNo limit~5 Minutes
Required popup window
JS Background Execution
JavaScript Expression
Clipboard Block

2. Table

It contains the following settings:

  • Insert into the default column: Insert data to the default column if there's no column selected in the block or when the column doesn't exist.
  • Default column name: The name of the default column

3. Blocks

It contains the following settings:

  • Block delay: Add delay before executing each of the blocks
  • Tab load timeout: Maximum time to load tab in milliseconds