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The storage is used to store the data of the tables and variables. The data that is stored here will be persisted.


To add a table to the storage, click the "Add table" button and then define the name and columns of the table.

adding storage table

And to use this table in a workflow, open the workflow table and click the "connect to a storage table" button.

connecting storage table


Learn more about Table on the Table page


You can add a variable from the variables page in the storage or from a workflow. Every time you want to assign or read the value of a variable, the variable name must start with a double dollar sign ($$). It's to differentiate between the storage variable and the workflow variable. For example, adding or updating a variable from a block.

assign storage variable

Access the variable in a block.

access storage variable


Learn more about Variable on the Variable page


Is used to store credentials. Credentials that are stored here will be encrypted. And you can't view or edit them after you add credentials.

To access these credentials in a workflow, use the secrets keyword inside the mustache tag. For example, {{ secrets@credentialName }}