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Version Control

The version control allows you to manage and track the extension that you have published in the past. Whenever you publish a version of the extension, it will become the Published Version, and you can edit the extension on the new Draft Version.

Publishing Extension

When you create a new extension, it will be assigned with the 1.0.0 draft version. You can change the draft version by clicking the draft version button on the dashboard header.

Dashboard header

And to publish the draft version, click the publish button, and once it is published, you can't change or edit the version you published. However, when publishing the extension, Automa will automatically create a new draft version where the version number is incremented by one. For example, when the draft version is 1.0.0, and you publish that version, the new draft version will be 2.0.0. And you edit the extension whatever you want on the draft version.

Download Extension File

To download the extension file of the version you have published, you can go to the details page and click the download button of the version you want to download in the version history section.

Version history

And if you want to download the draft version of the extension for debugging or testing purposes. Click the download button on the dashboard header.

Draft version