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Extension Dashboard

To open the extension dashboard, click an extension on the extensions page. This dashboard is where you edit, customize, and publish your extension. There are five main sections of the extension dashboard:

  1. Workflows
    This page is where you add, update, and delete the workflows of the extension.
  2. Details
    Edit the extension details like the name, description, and extension icon.
  3. Customize
    The page where you can customize the extension interface or inject a custom script into the extension.
  4. Crash Logs
    Find the logs of errors that occur when running a workflow on the extension.
  5. Analytics
    See the analytics of the extension (installed count, active users, and workflow executions).

Dashboard Header

On the dashboard header, you can:

  • Change the current draft version of the workflow
  • Generate an extension file from the current draft
  • Save changes that happened when editing the extension
  • Publish the extension

And navigate between the sections of the dashboard.

Dashboard header