HTTP Request Block

Make an HTTP Request.


Handle the response of the request.

  • Response type
    Type of the response, defaults to JSON.

  • Data path
    Path to the data of the response, for example, when the response is returning these data:

    	"status": 200,
    	"data": {
    		"name": "Prices",
    		"values": [
    			{ "id": 1, "value": 4000 },
    			{ "id": 2, "value": 24000 }

    To get the values array, write data.values as the path.

  • Assign to variable
    Whether assign the value into a variable or not.

  • Variable name
    Name of the variable to assign the value.

  • Insert to table
    Whether insert the value into the table or not.

  • Select column
    The column where the value will be inserted.