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Trigger Block

This is block is the starting point where the workflow will start executing, you can configure how the workflow should be triggered using this block.

Trigger Type


Manually trigger the workflow by clicking the play (▶️) button.


Execute the workflow in intervals, you can define the interval and the delay before executing the workflow in provided input.

On a specific date

Execute the workflow on a specific date and time.

On a specific day

Execute the workflow on a specific day and time.

On browser startup

Execute the workflow when the browser profile that has this extension installed starts up.

Cron job

Use the cron expression to schedule the workflow execution.


Context menu

Execute a workflow via the context menu (right-clicking). When a workflow is executed via the context menu, there are several variables will be injected to it:

  • $ctxElSelector: The selector of the element where you right click
  • $ctxTextSelection: The selected text
  • $ctxMediaUrl: The source URL of a media element (image, video, or audio)
  • $ctxLink: The URL if you right-click on a link

But to use this trigger, you must grant Automa to use the contextMenu permission. This trigger has two options

  • The workflow name in the context menu
  • Will appear in which you can use to set when the workflow appears in the context menu. If none of these options is selected, it will appear every time the context menu is displayed.

When visiting a website

Execute workflow when you're visiting a website that matches the URL or the ReGex that you inputted. And when you check the Use regex checkbox, the value you inputted will be treated as a ReGex.

Keyboard shortcut

Execute the workflow using a keyboard shortcut. You can specify the keyboard shortcut by clicking the record (⏺️) button and pressing the key that you want to use.

And by default, the shortcut doesn't work when the cursor is on an input element, so to prevent this behavior you can checked the "Active while in input" checkbox.


The keyboard shortcut only works when you're on a website. If the website URL starts with chrome:// or chrome-extension:// the keyboard shorcut won't work.

Trigger Using JS CustomEvent

You can programmatically trigger workflow using JavaScript CustomEvent which you can embed in your website. For example,

// Using workflow Id
window.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent('automa:execute-workflow', {
	detail: { id: 'workflow-id' }

// Using workflow publicId
window.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent('automa:execute-workflow', {
	detail: { publicId: 'public-id' }

In the detail property, you must define the id or the publicId of the workflow you want to execute. You can define the publicId of the worklfow in the workflow settings.

Workflow public ID

And to add variables to that workflow, add data property inside the CustomEvent property.

// Using workflow Id
window.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent('automa:execute-workflow', {
	detail: { 
		id: 'workflow-id',
		data: {
			variables: {
				name: 'John Doe',
				search: 'Hello world'


Refer to: Workflow Parameters