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Switch Tab Block

Switch between tab

Find Tab by

Match Pattern

URL pattern of the tab. For example,* Automa will switch into a tab that has a domain. You can see more examples of the match pattern on the MDN Page.

Create If No Match

If there's no URL of the tab that matches the patterns, Automa will create a new tab based on the inputted URL.

Next Tab

Switch to the next tab of the active tab

Previous Tab

Switch to the previous tab of the active tab

Tab Index

Switch to tab based on its index position. For example, there are 4 tabs in a browser window (Google, GitHub, Chess, and Microsoft),


to switch to the Google tab you can input 0, to the GitHub tab input 1, and so on.

Tab Title

Switch to tab based on the title of the tab.

Active Tab

Whether the tab should become the active tab in the window.