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Save Assets Block ‚Äč

Save assets (image, video, audio, or file) from an element or URL.

  • Type
    Where to get the assets from, whether get assets from an URL or media elements like image, audio, or video.

  • URL
    URL of the assets. for example,

  • Element selector
    Element selector.

  • File name
    The filename of the assets. If you don't want to rename the assets leave the input blank.

  • On conflict
    Specifies what to do if the name of a asset file conflict with an existing file.

    • "uniquify"
      The browser will modify the filename to make it unique.

    • "overwrite"
      The browser will overwrite the old file with the newly-downloaded file.

    • "prompt"
      The browser will prompt the user, asking them to choose whether to uniquify or overwrite.

  • Save items' download ids
    Save the download ids of the downloaded assets into a variable or the workflow table. It will return an array of integers.

    You can pass this download id to the Handle Download block if you want to get the file path of the downloaded asset.


This block will not work without an active tab. Because of that, use the Active Tab block or New Tab block before using this block.

Active tab block