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Insert Data Block

Insert additional data into the table or variables

Import file

Insert the file content into a variable or the column of the table. To use this feature, you must allow Automa to access the file URLs, to do it

  1. Go to chrome://extensions
  2. Find Automa extension and click the "Details" button
  3. Scroll down and enable the "Allow access to file URLs" option

Inside the value text field, you can either input the absolute path of the file or the URL of the file. For example,

  • Absolute Path
    • Windows: C:\Users\Public\Documents\testing.docx
    • MacOS: /Users/Josh/Desktop/docs.pdf
  • URL

import file content

Inserting Multiple Table Rows

To insert multiple table rows into a column, separate each value with a double vertical bar (||). For example:

value 1 || value 2 || value 3
value 1 || value 2 || value 3

multiple rows