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Google Sheets (GDrive)

The Google Sheets (GDrive) block serves the same purpose as the Google Sheets block. The differences are that this block requires you to connect Google Drive to your Automa account before you can use it, and it has another feature, like creating a spreadsheet.

So, to view the documentation on how to get, update, or clear values in a Google Sheet, open the Google Sheets block page.

Connect a Spreadsheet

To get, update, or clear values in a Google Sheet, you need to connect a spreadsheet by clicking the 'Connect' button next to the sheet selection. Then, select the spreadsheet file.

Connect spreadsheet

Create a Spreadsheet

You can use it to create a spreadsheet.

  • Assign to variable
    Whether assign the created spreadsheet id into a variable or not.

  • Variable name
    Name of the variable to assign the created spreadsheet id.

  • Insert to table
    Whether insert the created spreadsheet id into the table or not.

  • Select column
    The column where the created spreadsheet id will be inserted.

When to Use it?

You can use this block when your workflow requires an intensive updating of a spreadsheet in a short period. For example, update a row on each iteration of a loop.