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Forms Block

Get or fill the value of a form element (input, select, checkbox, and radio).

Get form value

Get the value of the form element.

  • Assign to variable
    Whether assign the value into a variable or not.

  • Variable name
    Name of the variable to assign the value.

  • Insert to table
    Whether insert the value into the table or not.

  • Select column
    The column where the value will be inserted.

Form type

Text field

  • Value
    The value for the text field element like <input> and <textarea> or an element that has contenteditable attribute.

  • Clear form value
    Clear the value of the text field element before inserting the new one.

  • Typing delay
    Add delay when inserting each of the characters of the value. When set to 0, the value is inserted at once.


  • Value
    The value for the <select> element. To select a specific option for the select element, you can input it with the value of the option you want to select. You can find the option value by using the Automa Element Selector or Chrome DevTools.

    Chrome DevTools

Checkbox & Radio

  • Selected
    Whether the checkbox or radio element is selected or not.


This block will not work without an active tab. Because of that, use the Active Tab block or New Tab block before using this block.

Active tab block